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Linda Bradley, former owner of the Hair Gallery of Bend, and Jasper Lotus Hawkins have relocated to Bella Studio Salon. This Mother, Daughter team has been in the hairdressing business for many years and they are passionate about their craft.

Linda Bradley 541-410-9166

Linda Bradley - Hair Salon Stylist - Bend, Oregon

Inquisitive by nature, this left-handed Gemini hairstylist Has a passion for people and a license to touch them in a positive way, both with her talents in hair design and color, and her genuine interest in creating a warm, satisfying experience for her clients.

Linda loves hair design and experimenting with new color. As a former platform artist working at hair shows with L'oreal , and trophy winning Stylist, this is a woman who has found the perfect career! Linda also offers Brazilian Blowout treatments. Linda carries Affinage Kitoko Oil  &  Neuma Haircare Products
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Jasper Lotus Hawkins 541-390-3304

Jasper Lotus Hawkins - Salon Hair Stylist - Bend, Oregon

Jasper has fingers that take a queue from her very creative mind, with a degree in art and graphic design, a masters in creative writing, and as a former traveling hair colorist, Jasper, a trained Vidal Sasson professional, has acquired the necessary up-to-date knowledge to design her client's hair with her scissors and color palette to give them a truly unique look.

When she is not creating at the salon, Jasper can be found knitting, quilting, sewing,or writing poetry. Bring your projects! Confer! Magic fingers make a magic look.  Jasper now offers Brazilian Blowout Treatments.

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Work Days: Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat.

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